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Lo más nuevo en cases para vivarios

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18" Vertical Rainforest Emulating Enclosure (18x12x12)

The Rainforest Emulating Vivarium simulates a natural habitat with an innovative internal air flow system and water flow system (patent-pending).  Function is paired with minimalistic design so the enclosure becomes a work of living art.  Front entry constructed to prevent fruit fly escape.

The active, flow-through system creates a more balanced, healthy environment that is less prone to die-off, environmental crashes and mysterious deaths.  Most of these systems can be automated, giving your more time to enjoy your vivariums.

18x12x12 Vertical Rainforest Emulating Vivarium 18x12x12 Vertical Rainforest Emulating Vivarium


This Product Includes:

   18x12x12 Rainforest Emulating Vivarium in Vertical Orientation
   Easy access with front opening door designed to prevent fruit flies from escaping
   Internal air-flow system keeps air moving and fresh, improving health of environment (fan included)
   Internal water-flow system actively filters and oxygenates water, reducing bad bacteria, fungus and parasite development (pump kit, humidifier, and overflow drain optional with Mechanicals Package - see below)
   Separate access for mechanical systems like pump, fogger, fan, etc., creating a safer environment for your animals
   All access doors click shut with clasps
   Inlets added for cords and wires
   Hasp & brass lock included for security
   Deep 4” base provides flexibility in interior design
   Greater ability to control environmental factors like humidity, temperature, air & water movement, photo period, day/night cycles, etc.
   Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cost $300

Optional Mechanical Kit $75

Optional mechanicals package includes: ultrasonic fogger, pump system, and all necessary bulk heads, tubing and fittings.

More Information:

   How It Works

   It is critical to have air and water movement in a vivarium to prevent bad bacteria, disease and fungal growth.  With our systems, we have essentially achieved the miniaturization of a greenhouse.

   Our patent-pending Air Flow System pulls air from one part of the vivarium and pushes it through to another part of the enclosure ensuring the plants receive constant air movement.  This system significantly improves on existing passive air systems that rely on vents and screens to move air.  Good air flow is important in temperature control and stability, equalizing humidity throughout the vivarium, and keeping bad bacteria and fungus from getting out of control.

   The Water Flow System (patent-pending) is also a separate chamber within the vivarium that hides a small pump and humidifier (ultrasonic fogger).  This chamber also accommodates the addition of a heater and/or chiller (not included) which would allow you to simulate day/night temperature fluctuations.  The pump pulls water through the substrate, filters the water and aerates plant roots, and pushes the water over a drip wall or other water feature.

   The water flow also activates the humidifier, which produces a mist that rolls through the vivarium just as clouds roll through the treetops of a rainforest.  And, all these systems can be synchronized with controllers or timers so you can spend more time enjoying your hobby.

FROM: http://www.biovivara.com/products/rainforest-emulating-vivariums/18-vertical-rainforest-emulating-vivarium


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